Lakeland Wildlife and Animal Removal

Exotic Reptile Species That Live in the Wild of Florida

There are a vast variety of animal species that live in the wild of Florida, and among these are the exciting and often dangerous exotic reptile species that have found their way into Florida habitats. These exotic animals are not native to Florida, and therefore have been introduced to the environment either directly or indirectly by human activity. These exotic Lakeland reptiles include certain types of snakes like pythons and anacondas as well as other reptiles like the Argentine black and white tegu. These species can become invasive, meaning that they disrupt the natural order of the environment in which they are introduced.

Florida is known to have many introduced species of Lakeland amphibians and reptiles that live or breed in the wild compared to other places in the world. The exotic animals include the Burmese python that has received public attention, but there are other species of animals around, including the Argentine black and white tegu and Nile monitors. Florida has a subtropical climate and it has habitats that are the same as those that are found in tropical regions where many invaders came from. Since the area is isolated from other areas that have the same climate and there are few native species that are able to compete with these invaders, the invaders are able to spread and thrive.

Florida has also become the central location for the exotic pet trade. This region has many major ports of entry in the US and it supports the thriving captive Lakeland wildlife industry. The pets may escape or may be released in the wild by the breeding facilities or pet owners. There are over 50 established breeding species of nonnative amphibians and reptiles throughout Florida. Due to a number of factors, Florida has become a hotspot where a growing number of exotic reptile species have established themselves. As these exotic species are introduced into the environment, they can have negative effects on the populations and ecosystems of the native species. Still many of these animals are exciting and fascinating, but do not get too close if you happen to come across them in the wild of Florida as some of them also pose great risks to humans. It will be interesting to see in the coming years what new exotic reptiles will be introduced into the area and will make Florida their home.

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