What Are Some Humane Ways to Kill a Squirrel in a Cage?

Honestly, despite beauty and cute appearance of Lakeland squirrels, their infestation can cause serious nuisance. The health related issues associated with critters like squirrels and others are among the reasons why you must ensure that you keep them out of your property and building. But, what are some humane ways to kill a Florida squirrel in a cage? If this is your question, you are welcome as this article will provide you with answer to your question. The truth is that killing squirrel cannot be regarded as humane but there is less aggressive method of achieving same result.

Make Use of Asphyxiation by Co2 to Kill Squirrel in a Cage
Indeed, asphyxiation by Co2 is the approved method of killing Florida rodent and squirrels by the veterinaries. They are not made for ordinary people and the process of use is not really straightforward. So, if you want to kill squirrel in the cage with this method, you must research effectively on how to use this method. Make sure you get detail information on how to use this method so as to avoid causing serious health problem to yourself.

Make Use of a Hammer to Kill Squirrel in a Cage
There are many ways to kill Lakeland squirrel in the cage, hitting harmer on the head is one of the method. In order to avoid the animal struggling before death, you have to increase the force and ensure that you hit the hammer on the head. It will give you the chance to kill it ones without having to hit it several times before it will die. The truth is that not everyone will have the mind to hit Florida squirrel with hammer, but if you can, you can go ahead and do it.

Put It into a Bag and Smash It with Leg
You can kill squirrel simply by putting it into a bag and smashing it with leg. That is known as a colloquial method and it is a bit humane since you will not need to watch the Lakeland animal as it take its last breath before death.

Use a Low Power Gun or Riffle to Kill Florida Squirrel in a Cage
You must learn how to handle riffle or low caliber gun for you to use this method to kill squirrel in a cage. More so, you must be licensed to use the method so as to avoid getting into trouble just because you shot squirrel with unlicensed riffle. Above all, you have to know that killing Lakeland squirrel in illegal in most parts of the United States. So, you must confirm the legalization in your area before applying the abovementioned methods.

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