How to Get Opossums Out of the Attic

Opossums are one of the most irritating Florida pest species that you have to get rid of immediately especially when they get into your premises. When they are in the attic, they will cause a lot of havoc for instance; making loud and irritating noises when they are crawling around the attic, they will make dropping that are large throughout the attic, they will destroy the ducts that are usually in the attics, they are potential carriers of the pathogens and parasites that are harmful to both humans and your other pets. When they are stuck in the attic, their chances of survival are always minimal so they will die and cause odor both in the attic and the entire home. The baby Lakeland opossums are likely to fall down from the attic into the walls and chances of removing them becomes very minimal.

They are therefore one of the most destructive Florida pests that you can ever come across and in order to avoid them from making a lot of damages, you have to device appropriate methods that will help in getting rid of the opossums and within the shortest time possible. Moreover you have to ensure that the Lakeland opossums are correctly removed especially if they are stuck in the attic. So how do you get opossums out of the attic?

Trapping is one of the best techniques that you can use to get rid of them; there are therefore many types of traps that you can use in order to make the catch without any difficulties; the cage trap is one best example. All you have to do is to ensure that you place the trap at the primary entry/exit point. It does not stop there you also have to ensure that you use the best bait that will help capture the opossum without any difficulties. When the cage trap is in position, you have to be patient and you also have to ensure that you check the trap. Once the Lakeland opossum is trapped, you have to carefully take it away from your home.

Using exclusion doors
Using exclusion doors is also one of the most significant techniques that will help get rid of the Florida opossums, all you have to do is to ensure that they are constrained to one part of the attic, with the doors, they will be able to crawl freely out of the attic into the traps that you have set up for them; after that you have the freedom of relocating them away from your home into the Lakeland wilderness.

Removal by a snare poll
Using a snare poll is also one of the easises techniques that you can use to remove these Lakeland animals from the attic. When you lower down the poll into the attic, they will climb up giving you the opportunity of removing them from your home.

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