Lakeland Wildlife and Animal Removal

How to Get Opossums out of the Shed or Porch

Getting rid of Florida opossums from these locations can be very challenging because you have limited space to work with but if you are good enough, you can get rid of them without any difficulties.

Setting traps
Using traps is one of the best options that you can use to get rid of Lakeland opossums, there are therefore different traps that you can use basing on the manner in which you want to trap these animals. It is always advisable to use the live type to avoid harming or killing the Florida opossums because it is against the law to harm wildlife in any manner.

• Live capture traps
The live traps can be easily obtained from the nearest stores they are very appropriate especially if you want to get rid of the Florida opossums in the porch. All you have to do is to set the traps at the main entrance points and then leave them there for a couple of days or time. You have to keep on checking on them. The significance of checking on them is to ensure that they are immediately relocated once they are captured. Lakeland opossums highly depend on food for their survival, if they go without food for a couple of hours, they are likely to die.

• Leg hold traps
These traps will work perfectly under the shades; they are usually set in their trails and the best part that they cannot be easily recognized by the animals. You also have to ensure that they are set on ground that is very firm in order to avoid them from toppling over.

• Kill traps
These traps are also available but you are highly discouraged from using them because they kill the Florida animals instantly. They are light in weight and very easy to use. They have to be set on grounds that are very solid. It is better to avoid using these traps because of their end result.

Exclusion fences
The significance of these fences is that you will fully prevent these animals from getting into your yard, under the shade and in the porch. While erecting these fences you also have to ensure that they are buried deep into the ground to avoid them from digging under the fences and finding their way into your Lakeland yard. You have to ensure that the fences are continually repaired when they get damaged or they become worn out.

Getting rid of entry points
Through regular checkups, you will be able to identify different entry points into your yard. Once you note a hole that is tiny or big, you have to block it immediately which will prevent these Lakeland animals from evading your garden.

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