Where Should I Relocate a Trapped Skunk?

The Florida skunk is known as a pest species because of its odor and its digging. There are many complaints about the skunk like when it lives under a porch or a deck, when it had sprayed near your home, when it has sprayed your pet dog or when it is digging holes. It may also fell down of the basement or well. Because of all these reasons, many people consider having a skunk at their home as a nuisance and they are looking on how they can trap and remove them. The Lakeland trappers should be careful so that they are not sprayed.

The best option is trapping the skunks using live cage trap and then relocate it. This is easy and safer compared to trying to kill skunk. If you are concerned that the Lakeland skunk may spray on you, this should not be the case since you can avoid this easily. You have to know that you will not find skunk repellant power or spray or anything that can help you to keep it away. When you trap them, you can then relocate them at least for five miles away from the property and this is going to solve your problem. If the law agrees with you to relocate the skunk on your own, then you can do it but in some areas, the law forbids the people to relocate the skunk on their own so you will have to call in a Florida professional.

If you are concerned about having a Florida skunk on your property, you should learn how you can prevent it. It is normally drawn to live under the sheds, porches and decks. You should have the exclusion barrier around the perimeter on your deck so that the skunk will not crawl under it. You should also keep away the pet food or anything that can attract the skunks. If you are using the traps to catch the skunks so that you can relocate them, you should be aware that the trap can hurt them when they trip on the spring or when the door does come down at them. When you catch the skunk, you should attend to it faster since it can get stress, heat strokes or dehydration if it stays in the trap for long period. If you will have to wait for the animal control to come to get the Lakeland skunk, you should not set the trap during the weekend so that you can wait until Monday when the staff had came back. When the animal is relocated, it has small chances of surviving. The best way can be relocating the mom and her babies but this is not most of the time possible and even if it is done, the mother will not get a den to put her babies.

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