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Welcome to Pest Animal Lakeland! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Lakeland, FL. We don't just deal with FL snakes — we're fully equipped to handle any animal you may find in your home or back garden, and we're fully insured to cover commercial properties as well as residential ones. Whether it's a mole digging holes in the lawn, a dead opossum kicking up a stench under the house, or a colony of bats setting up a home in your attic, our operatives are fully trained, properly permitted, and licensed to deal with the lot. And they won't leave a single stone unturned until they've found every single potential entry point, and then sealed it up. If that's the kind of thorough, professional service you're looking for, you know what to do: pick up the phone and give us a call for a free quote today! Call us now at 863-808-5429 for your Lakeland wildlife control needs.

About Pest Animal Lakeland and Our Services:

Same-day or next-day appointments.

Humane wildlife trapping and exclusion.

We repair wildlife damage and prevent re-entry.

Specializing in wildlife only - no poisons.

Fully Florida licensed and insured.

Experts in Florida bat removal from buildings.

Lakeland raccoon removal and skunk removal.

Removal of animals in the attic, like squirrels.

Dead animal removal, inside and outside.

Lakeland snake removal and prevention.

Lakeland bird control services.

Our Service Range

Our Service Range

We servicev Polk County and towns such as Auburndale, Bartow, Davenport, Eagle Lake, Fort Meade, Frostproof, Haines City, Lake Alfred, Lakeland, Lake Wales, Mulberry, Polk City, Winter Haven, Towns, Dundee, Hillcrest Heights, Lake Hamilton, Village, Highland Park, Alturas, Babson Park, Bradley Junction, Combee Settlement, Crooked Lake Park, Crystal Lake, Cypress Gardens, Four Corners, Fuller Heights, Fussels Corner, Grenelefe, Highland City, Homeland, Inwood, Jan Phyl Village, Kathleen, Lakeland Highlands, Loughman, Medulla, Poinciana, Wahneta, Waverly, and Willow Oak.

Lakeland Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: How to Find and Remove a Dead Animal from Your House

Removing a dead Lakeland animal from your house is a task you should approach with knowledge, research, and caution. More than simply grabbing and removing a dead animal, this task requires you to be extra cautious with your own safety and the safety of your environment. So, how should you actually remove an animal in a sanitary way? To begin with this process there are several steps you are going to have to take. First things first, call your local Florida authorities to check if you are even allowed to tackle the pesky situation on your own, or you are required to wait for the animal removal services to come and to the work for you.

Depending on the location you live in, you may or may not be allowed to remove it on your own. If you are certain that this is a task you can do on your own you can move on to start removing the dead animal from your house. Your primary concern should be sanitation and safety. Depending on the location of the dead animal in your home, it might be difficult to extract it. In this case, you may want to consider getting a Florida expert to do the job for you.

Let us talk about the equipment you are going to need if you want to remove the Lakeland animal in a safe and sanitary way. First, you are going to need several large and thick plastic bags and you can also use trash bags to remove the animal. Second, you are going to need a tool to grab the animal corpse properly. This tool should allow you to pick up the animal without having to touch the body with your hands. For smaller animals, you can use even thick tree branches, metal rod or any other tool. However, if the locations of the animal require you to grab it or pull it out, this will require you to use a special gripping tool. You can look for these types of tools in stores that specialize in Florida animal removal.

The next issue for you to think about is sanitation and safety. You want to prepare all the equipment you need to remove the Lakeland animal in a sanitary way. You should use a breathing mask to protect yourself from inhaling any dangerous bacteria or fungus. The rotting corpse of the animal may have already started to decay, and it might be quite dangerous to be around it. The next thing you should be thinking about is getting a good quality, thick pair of gloves. These should protect you from getting in contact with a potentially dangerous dead animal tissue.

After you've gathered all the equipment you need to start removing the dead Florida animal from your home, you can begin the process. With your mask and gloves on, grab the animal using the tool you have chosen. Have a plastic bag open and ready to insert the dead animal in. make sure to keep your contact with the body of a dead animal to a minimum, using your hands only if it's necessary to get the corpse inside the back. After you've placed a dead animal inside a plastic bag, insert that one in an additional plastic bag and preferably any kind of box or container you have available. If you need to transport the dead animal in your personal vehicle, you don't want the carcass to come in contact with it.